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Unused Jointed Claw 70 Sinking

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Condition: Unused
Length: 70mm
Weight: 4.6g
Type: Sinking

Small blood veins that crazy all bystanders

Since the birth of the Jointed Claw 178, the S-shaped system has been fascinating many fish. And now, after a lot of time, extreme downsizing. JOINTED CLAW70 which expands further possibilities.
The JOINTED CLAW70 comes in two types: a floating type and a sinking type. The floating type is suitable for capture in the shallow range, and by using a horizontal eye, it captures the water flow even in complicated flows and draws a natural S-shape. Precise range control is possible by suspending by attaching a weight seal. The sinking type is suitable for middle and deep range capture. The vertical eye makes it difficult to lift even in strong currents, and draws an S-shape even in a deep range. Attracts a wide variety of fish by controlling the range while taking the reeling speed and count.