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KILLERS bait type-Ⅰ

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Condition: New
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Sinking

Plus One Blade

A new generation blade that differs from conventional blades.
The strong flashing and wave action of the Plus One Blade is effective for suspending bass. The blade can be used for both vertical and horizontal fishing, and there are certain bass that can only be caught with this blade.
In addition, when buzzing, the fulcrum of the blade is connected to the fulcrum of the blade, and the blade bursts to the left and right, emitting a sound.

Plus One Arm

Developed specifically for use with the KILLER'S Bait.
The line eye extends higher than a normal spinnerbait, so the difference in posture between forming and retrieving is minimized. Therefore, it rises quickly. Even if the blade jumps out of the water, it can be retrieved without losing its posture. It can also be retrieved as soon as it hits the water. The hook point is facing lower than the line eye, minimizing the risk of breaking off.