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Condition: New
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Sinking

Strong Wave Spinner Bait

The design of the blade that generates "super strong vibrations" to stimulate the instincts of big bass and the plus one arm produce intense head vibrations and flashing, making the lure very appealing in conditions such as heavy rain, strong wind, and drastic muddy water, where conditions can change drastically and the presence of the lure is lost, to make the lure more appealing to big bass. It induces bites. In addition, the lineup of weights that can cover the surface, mid-depth, and bottom of the water, and the ability to retrieve the lure at a wide range of speeds thanks to the big blade and body balance, make it possible to make a stable retrieve under all conditions. It is a spinner bait like a big bait that will not only get reactionary bites, but will also make even the most cautious big bass float and bite.

Plus One Arm

The line eye is extended above the normal spinnerbait to minimize the difference in attitude during both the fall and retrieve. As a result, it rises quickly and can be retrieved without losing its posture, even if the blade jumps out of the water. Also, the bait can be retrieved as soon as it lands on the water. The hook point is pointed lower than the line eye to minimize the possibility of losing the bait.