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Used OSA 115

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Condition: Used
Length: 115mm
Weight: 1.7oz
Type: Floating

The turbulent atmosphere of only the chosen ones explodes !

A new big bait from GAN CRAFT, the company that created the new S-stroke genre. This is the powerful swimming big crank "OSA-115". It swims powerfully, not violently, in the shallow range from the sub-surface to a depth of about 30cm. The concept is "illusory water surface" and "bursting wave action". It asserts its presence with solid waves even in the illusion of light, and the waves and three types of noise that resonate in the back of the brain echo instinctively, creating an overwhelming explosive power that has never been seen before in shallow cranks.

Impact of ±3 cm

Depending on the angle of the rod, the tail part of the OSA-115 can be traced 3cm above the water surface and the body part can be traced 3cm below the water surface in an ideal slow retrieve. The tail part above the water surface powerfully agitates the water and creates powerful ripples to attract bass even from a distance, while the body part below the water surface enables anglers to get bites without hesitation from fish that do not appear on the water surface.

Separate lip (PAT.P)

In the past, when lures with their own weight hit hard objects such as rocks or concrete during casting, the impact would damage the lip, making it unusable afterwards. To solve this problem, the "OSA-115" has a separate lip (PAT.P) that can be removed with a single touch. This separate lip is designed so that when an impact exceeding a certain force is applied, the lip does not break but comes off. If the lip comes off, the separate lip can be replaced with a single touch without the use of special tools.