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Used OSA 80

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Condition: Used
Length: 80mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

The turbulence of only the chosen one explodes

The OSA-80 is a downsized shallow crank that inherits the powerfulness of the OSA-115. The concept is the same as the OSA-115: "fantastic water surface" and "exploding waves". The dynamic noise and large waves show the lure's presence on the fantastic water surface and create an overwhelming explosive

Impact of ±1 cm

Retrieve action
Depending on the angle of the rod and the reeling speed, the OSA-80 can be traced in the range from 0 to 30cm below the surface. The lure's exquisitely balanced design makes it difficult to lose its balance and it swims stably, and the combination of body, water and air creates three kinds of noises that appeal strongly to fish, and its lifelike bubbles and waves trigger bites with high probability.

Action "In the Illusion of Light
The OSA-80 makes a table turn on the spot when action is applied with the line slug out. It can be used at pinpoints such as overhangs and standing trees to shorten the travel distance and increase the chances of bites by appealing for a long time.

Separate lip (PAT.P)
The separate lip adopted for the OSA-115 is also adopted for the OSA-80. If the lip is damaged or comes off due to hitting hard objects such as rocks or concrete, it can be replaced with one touch without using special tools.