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Condition: Used
Length: 110mm
Weight: 13/16oz
Type: FS (Fast Sinking

Low action with high appeal

The action is a simple straight action that is hard to notice at first glance. The three synchronized appeals are intricately linked in this simple action, making it possible to combine the conflicting actions of low action and high appeal, and to catch fish that could not be brought to bite before. The screw bait has a simple action, but it has a powerful effect on attracting fish.

Three synchronized appeals
① Waves created by water screw sound
Until now, lures have appealed to fish by the waves generated by vibrating the body. The screw bait, however, appeals to the fish's instincts with a completely different wave motion generated by the rotation of the front and rear screws.

② Flashing by the screw
The flashing caused by the rotation of the screw appeals visually to various directions. The lure will make its presence known even in areas where visual appeal is weak, such as muddy points and deep areas.

③ Realistic Form
The screw bait's unique wave action and flashing attracts fish to the lure, and the screw bait's realistic body lines and lifelike face make it hard not to bite.

By using different types, anglers can easily trace any range from shallow to deep range (over 10m) and bottom area

■ Slow type Type-SS for 0 to 3m depth
■ Normal type Type-NS for depths from 3 to 8m
■ Fast type Type-FS for depths from 8 to 15m

The above is just a guide. It depends on the condition of the point, line used, rod angle and retrieve speed.

Standard Hook: C’ultiva ST-36BC
Front:#4 Center : #4 Rear:#4