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Condition: Used
Length: 5.1 inches
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating

Noisy pencil with a strong sounding, super wide-range search !

After naming from the cannibal fish of Great Amazon, its first attraction is in its long distance ability with high pitching noises by the “Cracker Ball System”. Free locating rattle balls inside the body will enhance your long casting ability giving cracking sounds in its Dog & Walk. High pitching sounds will attract in the wide field. Body will horizontally float on the surface, allowing super lure actions in easy rod actions which anyone can feel the true Dog & Walk or Stop & Go. Off course Trairao is perfect for your entry pencil lure, strong in river or backwater of lakes, this is the ticket to encounter your longing Big Bass.

How to
If you're using Trairao in back water situations, none stop action is your basic method. In most cases, bass will attack your lure after retrieving for certain distance.
Because of the sounds and wave motions driven, such distance is the time of bass irritating to attack your lure. If in case of small field, retrieving speed should be much slower but you’d able to cast as much as the line of your spool has!

Super Tip 
Because of its simplicity body design, air resistance results to your super long casting distance. With the unique curving body, it skates on the surface with super wave motions in pitching rattle sounds. You should cast as much as you can, pause it for a while and skate out the surface. You can also enjoy the rattling sounds so clear as if keeping up the same kind of rhythm from rattles. Adding Pin spot action by your rod, Trairao is worldwide purpose of pencil bait ever been exist.

Hollow body shape will allow you have most easy but keen Dog & Walk or sliding or skating action on the surface.

Face design is made as much closer to real cannibal fish of Great Amazon.

Cracker Ball System

2 large 9.5mm rattles are spaced inside to make pitching sounds with your actions like cracker!