Trairao 90 Jr.

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Condition: New
Length: 90mm
Weight: 10.5g
Type: Floating

Nippon-size Trairao !

The high-appeal sound pencil "Trairao" has been supported both in Japan and abroad since the pioneering days of Imakatsu. It is especially popular among overseas monster fish hunters, and still enjoys tremendous support today. However, less than 20 years after its first release, we began to feel that the appeal was a little too strong for the bass fishing fields in Japan, which are not as vast and are becoming more and more high-pressure year by year. Therefore, we downsized the body while maintaining the sound and the shape that allows the lure to grab and push water, and reincarnated the Trairao in a size that is just right for bass fishing in Japan today.

Despite its small size (90 mm in length), it appeals to a wide range of anglers with its cracker ball sound, which is unique to Trairao. This pencil bait has all the elements for modern bass fishing:.
It floats horizontally and moves easily and well, while maintaining its overwhelmingly long casting performance. The original size works great on monster fish all over the world, and the Trairao 90 Jr. attracts not only bass, but also saltwater targets such as sea bass and a variety of other fish eaters from around the world.
The Trairao 90 Jr. is two sizes smaller than the original Trairao (130mm 1oz), and can be comfortably cast with ML~M class bait tackle, and its horizontal float makes it very easy to dog walk. The unique, high-pitched cracker ball sound in Japan will attract bass from a wide area, even in fields where the bass population is thin.