ALIVE Chatter 70 Basic Model

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Condition: New
Length: 70mm
Weight: 10g
Type: Sinking

The new hybrid hard bait "Alive Chatter" is born!

The Alive Chatter has an intense vibration with a color change that is clearly different from conventional minnow-type plugs, and the newly developed scarred treble hook gives the illusion of a body silhouette, making it difficult for bass to see the true identity of the lure. It is a hybrid of the fish attracting power and flash effect of a hard bait, the natural appeal and dazzling effect of a soft bait, and at the same time it has a sharp plover action. It can be used for everything from floating to slow sinking, and by using the new quick-change hanger system, it can be used for anything from the surface of the water to around 2 to 3 meters. The basic way to use it is to wind it normally in the range of just below the surface to 1.5m with a slightly slow to medium retrieve, just like walking. In addition to its spontaneous plover action, it can also be used to produce various tricks similar to minnow plugs by rod work and reeling work.

Quick Changer Hanger System (PAT/P)

By adding weights here, you can manipulate the specific gravity, range, and speed as you wish, and respond to any situation.