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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 1.3oz
Type: Floating

Super Dead-Slow, Special crawler bait for super slow retrieving
Switching on the instinct of Bass ! “ WALKING DEAD ”

Special Crawler Bait for super dead-slow retrieving

The biggest feature of Aventa Crawler is to maintain the good action for long time with super slow retrieving.

The figure which struggle like a drowning by raising his hands from the water with strange sounds, imagine Zombie (WALKING DEAD).

Aventa Crawler is good at switching on the instinct of big Bass having strong territory consciousness, and making him attacked by intimidation.

Keeping a rod in vertical and line above water (around 14lbs line), Aventa Crawler shall be made forward by slacked line weight. If you retrieve in same course many times, Aventa Crawler drives big Bass mad and he bite!

Aventa Crawler is designed for super slow retrieving. So, if you retrieve with high speed, Aventa Crawler does not work well. It is recommended to use Aventa Crawler at the pin point where you expect Bass is.

How to
If you like, prop or feather hook is available to Aventa Crawler. But, please note that you may need to retrieve faster.

Big Wings made by duralumin.
The winds catch water well,
and enables good action with super slow retrieving and short moving distance.

Body shape of Aventa Crawler is designed to keep horizontal position with its tail down in retrieving.
In order for good hooking-up,
rear hook is positioned in the water deeper and in the distance between front and rear hook.

It is improved to make metallic sound and stronger.