Aventa Crawler VAZELLE Lure Magazine 25th Anniversary Limited Model

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Condition: New
Color: Damascus LM + IK Matte Model
Length: 80mm
Weight: 6.6g
Type: Floating

Lure Magazine 25th Anniversary Limited Edition
Black Wings & BKK Feather Hook Model

Damascus LM
The legendary alloy, utes steel, was manufactured in ancient India. Also known as Damascus steel, this alloy was used to make swords. It is known for its unique grain-like pattern. The Lure Magazine editorial team adopted such an intricate pattern of Damascus steel as the design for the Aventa Crawler VAZELLE, which has a knife-like body line.

Damascus LM + IK Matte Model has a Damascus pattern with matte silver. This is the color that most clearly expresses the Damascus pattern, and is the color that most strongly shows the silhouette.

Smallest and fastest in the Aventa series !

The Aventa Crawler VAZELLE is a new finesse crawler bait that inherits the Aventa Crawler RS's most distinctive feature, its rearmost rear wing. It can follow not only dead slow retrieves but also high speed retrieves similar to buzz baits.
Equipped with a transparent wing made of reinforced plastic, its silhouette is exactly that of a small baitfish.

Despite being a small, lightweight lure, it has a stable flight posture and achieves outstanding straight-line movement and casting distance.

The spasm action that produces a dying small fish on the surface of the water and the one-point shake with less moving distance for sight fishing demonstrate the natural and powerful biting ability of the original RS Wing.

The Aventa Crawler VAZELLE can also be used for "high speed reeling" to search a wide area at high speed by taking full advantage of its small body and the exquisitely angled RS rear wing. This "high speed reeling" is especially effective on clear lakes with little slack in the water, and it attracts bass from a wide area quickly, just like a real buzzbait. If bass are chasing, it is also effective to switch the speed from slow to one-point shaking while watching the bass's reaction.

■ Recommended Tackle
    LINE : PE0.8-1.5 & Nylon leader 6-8lb
    ROD : 6ft to 7ft ML to M Power

PE line is recommended for best performance. Fluoro 4-8lb line can also be used, but the line will sink, making it slightly slower and more difficult to use.