Berlinetta Crawler 2 Power Up Ver.

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Condition: New
Length: 120mm
Weight: 1.5oz
Type: Floating

Low to medium speed specialized crawler baits

The jointed crawler bait Berlinetta Crawler has been redesigned.

Many improvements such as wing, base, rolling swivel, belly design, rubber volume, etc. have been made to achieve the low to medium speed ability of the Aventa Crawler.
At the same time, the lure has medium speed appeal and water biting ability, which makes it possible to crank quickly over a wide area, even on windy days, rainy days and when the water is rough, and also has high hooking ability.
The new Berlinetta Crawler was born with two personalities.

How to
The medium speed appeal makes it possible to search a wide area for bass in feeding mode.
It also overcomes the weakness of jointed crawler baits in the low speed range with various improvements.
Berlinetta Crawler 2 is also effective for dead sticking by utilizing the jointed body.