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Condition: Used
Length: 140mm
Weight: 50g
Type: Floating

Redefining Magnum Crank the Imakatsu Way

A huge shad-type saltwater plug that changed the life of Katsutaka Imae, who was the runner-up in the JBTA Open, the first JB tournament held in the Kansai region and in which he participated for the first time. It has been 34 years since then. In 2018, when magnum size cranks have become the norm, a cutting-edge magnum size shad crank inspired by those vivid memories and experiences has been born.
At 140mm in length and 50g in weight, the Bull Bison 400 (4.0m dive depth) is a magnum crank that, despite its overwhelming size, can be reeled in easily all day long, even at high speeds, thanks to its light, shad-style feel.

How to
The aero-shaped body reduces air resistance in headwinds and the weight shifts the center of gravity, realizing explosive casting distance even in the headwinds of Lake Biwa.
Despite its shad shape, the lure has a big wobble roll action that fully demonstrates its power and fish catching ability. Its high buoyancy body, which kicks back and rises to the surface due to its lip angle and shape design, provides an "auto unstuck" function that allows the lure to easily get unstuck by stopping it and lightly loosening it with the rod, even if it runs into weeds or bushes at high speed. Please note that bites often occur when the lure surfaces after getting stuck.
The BULLBISON is a super-large shad crank that has an amazingly high probability of catching big fish during the magnum cranking season in the fall, as well as in the bushes and pre-spawn in early spring.

Square shaped lip with excellent snaglessness.

When viewed from directly above, the slim body like a minnow has improved hooking ability.

The internal structure uses a magnet-based center of gravity movement system to achieve distance, ease of throwing, and stable swimming that is comparable to fast retrieve.