Unused IK 180 Imakatsu Crank

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Condition: Unused
Length: 55mm
Weight: 13g
Type: Floating

Middle range crank with wind lip !

The IK-180 is the first model equipped with Imakatsu's unique wind lip. The wind lip converts diving power into side-to-side movement, generating soft and strong waves. Although it has a relatively long lip, it does not dive deeply, and the wind lip guards the front hook, making it strong in riprap, wood cover, and weeds. It also has a fixed center of gravity with a non-rattling action that does not add unnecessary pressure when it comes in contact with cover. The fixed center of gravity is designed to provide comfortable casting distance.

How to
  8.2ft Dive ( 3.3~6.6ft Regular DIVE )
Soft and big wobbling is specialty. The downward-curved lip, newly adopted only on the IK-180, is a long lip with high hook guarding power, but is specially designed to maintain a shallow diving depth. It also shows its strength in rip rap and wood cover.

None Rattle System
Selected none rattle for most pressurized bass in Japanese fields. This result allows you to use it for pond to lake, anywhere where the bass awaits.