IK 250 Imakatsu Crank

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Condition: New
Length: 55mm
Weight: 15g
Type: Floating

Systematic crank made special made for Japanese fields.
Best action, cast well, and retrieving feelings by fulcrum gap system.

Stealth Impact Crank Bait.

IMATATSU Crank Project is focused to seasonal usage in any Japanese field, aim for best but still standard purpose of cranking, the crank bait. Unlikely to any other crank bait which may be focusing a particular method, IMAKATSU Crank Project focuses on everyone’s crank bait. Feels best by casting, long casting, and keeps certain range by simple retrieve. In wide purpose, time or place, IK CRANK is for everyone’s crank in all season! The concept behind IK lies in guide of the fishing. From amateur to specialists, we’d been focus testing it for almost every different field before we proceed onto developments. With experiences from each field, IMAKATSU focuses on its feelings, the dazzling action or fulcrum gap system will be used for every crank we’ll provide. Potential within the most basic usage for all, IMAKATSU Crank Project will continue to focus on lure for everyone, and anywhere to catch your bass.

How to
  8.2ft Dive ( 6.6~9.8ft Regular DIVE )
IK-250 is specially scaled and designed for the Japanese size of fields. With none rattle system with specialized weight balance, it will hardly re-spook your target. Smoothly approaches while in bottom knocking, its weight system hardly creates any irritating sound.

Weight system is fixed in IK crank but it has long and best casting ability.

None Rattle System
Selected none rattle for most pressurized bass in Japanese fields. This result allows you to use it for pond to lake, anywhere where the bass awaits.