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Condition: Unused
Length: 96mm
Weight: 8.8g
Type: Suspend

Jerkbait which is specialized for dart action !

The Rip Riser has a proven track record as a floating jerkbait that specializes in ripping and retrieving as if twisting the water.
As the exact opposite, " DARDO " is a reaction jerkbait specialized for darting that pursues sharp sliding dart action to the limit.
The darting action of the lure, which moves from side to side with a twist, and the flickering effect generated by the instantaneous posture recovery, strongly stimulate the hunting instincts of unwilling and inactive bass.
DARDO (meaning "DART" in Italian) darts widely with light jerking by minimizing string ringing. Therefore, it is designed to be easy on the wrist and not to cause fatigue even after jerking all day long.
Even beginners who are not good at jerking can easily create a sharp dart.
The lure is equipped with a unique magnetic center-of-gravity shifting system and stable diving performance.

How to
It is basically used for jerking with its sharp sliding dart action, which is also its concept. The perfect size of 100mm, not too small and not too big, makes it possible to dart with the same lightness as twitching and show the same power as jerking.
It can be used with bait tackle without stress, and it can also be used with spinning tackle without difficulty. The strength of the DARDO is that it can be used in different ways.
It is especially effective in late fall and winter when crustaceans are hibernating, in early spring when surface water temperatures are higher than lower water temperatures and bass tend to suspend in the upper layers of weeds and riprap, and in the early post-spawning period when they begin to actively pursue baitfish.

The DARDO has a very slender shape from the sides and top.
This silhouette makes it possible to create a sharp dart.

Shad Click Rattle

The shad click (shad feeding sound), a light but unique natural sound, is achieved with a minimum of tiny rattles.

Magnetic center of gravity shift System

We have succeeded in making the lure fly as far and as straight as you can hope for in a minnow-type lure, as well as having outstanding accuracy that is not affected by slight wind.