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Condition: New
Length: 140mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating

Super slow noisy scratch prop bait !

A large 4-prop that breaks the conventional wisdom and a square center hole produce dead slow retrieves similar to crawler baits and complex metal scratch sounds. Unlike the conventional props, the four blades with different sizes in the front and rear differ from the conventional props, and due to their unique shape and weight, even in dead slow, they are uniquely ticky and chirp. Plays a large metal friction sound.
At the same time, by applying complicated waves and water flow to the whole body, it is hard to see the substance together with the slim real body, and it is vigilant We will call up the huge bass to the surface of the water and bring it to the bite. It is neither a swisher nor a screw bait, but rather a new genre of dead-slow specialized noisy scratch prop baits that is closer to a big crawler bait.

That is the "Dead Screw Quadrifolio".

How to
As a search method at the time of high activity, push the rod tip against the water surface, by winding at a slightly high speed, the front prop exerts a water boost that raises the surface of the water, the rear prop floats above the surface and raises the buzzbait-like noisy splash while straight I-shaped and swimming while firmly holding the water flow. While searching for bass at medium to high speeds, at the best spot here is a super dead. Carefully take the maximum amount of time to bass's attack.

When it is highly active, plunge the rod tip into the water surface and retrieve it at a slightly high speed to appeal like a complex buzzbait.

Dead screw retrieve with this ripple is a dead screw true value.

Made by HIYOKO BRAND, Imakatu design equipped with "quadrifolio prop". By the contact between the heaton shaft and the peller hole, emits a shad click sound.
(Heaton head is cut for easy viewing)

Ladder type rear shape with rectifying effect.

Due to the dive effect of the lip, the front body pushes water against each other and creates a V-shaped trajectory on the water surface.

The chest fin attached at an angle of about 25 degrees creates downforce and eliminates body tilt due to propeller power.

By lowering the center of gravity of the main weight, the flight attitude is stable and a sufficient flight distance is secured.

Three triple hooks are installed. Two front hooks #4, rear hook #2.