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Condition: New
Length: 110mm
Weight: 18.5g
Type: Slow Sinking

Downsized sinking model from CARECA.
Just by reeling it in, it demonstrates outstanding fish catching power and hooking performance !

The Devil Ripper CARECA 130mm was produced in limited edition in 2010, and based on the potential of the floating model, it was downsized to 110mm in order to be able to handle a variety of conditions on medium to small lakes.
The Devil Chopper CARECA 110 was factory-tuned as a sinking chopper bait, not a topwater bait.
The original "chopper prop" produces a unique metallic sound and powerful chopper waves. Just by retrieving it straight across the water like a buzzbait, it has outstanding fish catching power and hooking performance.
After several ripping sounds on the water surface, it can also be retrieved intermittently by diving and surfacing in the water, or by counting down and retrieving straight in the middle of the water like a spinner bait.

The center hole of the Hiyoko brand Noisy Scratch Prop is specially shaped and designed to produce an irregular metallic sound as it rotates. This creates a shad clicking sound that attracts bass not only by the wave action but also by the sound.