Unused Devil Ripper ZINGA #Lightning Blue (Flash Plate Inserted)

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Condition: Unused (No box)
Length: 135mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating

True performance of prop baits stir up predatory instincts.

Predatory undulating Prop baits.

Surface Ripper! ZINGA is a minnow type lure which will make a direct undulation to lateral lines of bass stir up the predatory instincts with charming sounds.

Ideas we recently seen in prop baits are mostly keen on sound effects, however Devil Ripper ZINGA will approach from different perspectives in specialist large prop baits.

The prop design is meant to jump off the surface mixed with the air by strong ripping actions leaving strong sounds. This particular combination is the predatory sound itself. The special prop is acting like competing fish eaters.

Strong ripping cut through edges of water, remaining natural drift will display weaken baits by feeding bass.

Large delta lip will create wobbling side way on the surface in steady retrieving, pushes out water from center points in Dog & Walk actions.

Strong sounds, lively splashes and most strong power from bait like silhouette, ZINGA will open up a new era of prop bait method.