Unused DIVING RIPRIZER 110 Floating

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Condition: Unused
Length: 112mm
Weight: 16g
Type: Floating

Of those Naives bass will chase & bite in no doubt
New front Jerk baits

Predatory Instincts stirs up
High bary centered Floating Minnow

Opening closed door of High Floating minnow technique.
New Concept jerking Baits the RIPRIZER

With the power sliding of side waves in the water, birr moments in between actions radically calls out your target in huge fields having most strong appeal ever made by any of jerking bait. Both water undulation and its silhouette brings high reaction bites, this is the new generation jerking baits.

Its calling ability can be shown by simple retrieves like one of those cranking baits. And this new high floating concept of "Ripping Rise technique" will imitate one of those minnows searching for the bugs on the surface.
With tons of evaluations and fields tests in its floating speed and angles, the Rising Motion by shaking its heads a side will automatically turn the switches of your target in the sub surface range.
Set its weight balance backward, aero dynamic designed body will create unbelievable distance by your castings. Eliminating so to say knocker noises by your jerking actions, exposing necessary shad clicks by the minimum rattles.
Built up to create high floating ability, allowing strong water pushes and wobbles by easy jerking actions, turning the switches to feeding bass that is what the true secret of RIP RIZER. The new jerk bait concept.

How to...
As its name says, basic usage is the ripping action.
Its aspect is just like the real naive bass looking for the dropped off surface bugs.
And its original high pitch roll actions by the normal retrieves is also a strong appeal.
yet its strong appeal in the water has slim silhouette still present naturally to intimidated bass,
much flexible to one of those major huge field like Lake Biwa to some of your small ponds.

Rip Rizing Technique

(1) Put down your rod as if seesaw, easily reel up making sure no sounds been made by the retrieves, make a straight and easy short jerks.     
(2) Pause it. Reared weighted naturally pause up floats shaking its heads as if some baits is aiming for the surface bugs, imitating the actions.
(3) As if Rip Rizer touches the surface, this is your bait chance. Naive bas who's interested in surfaced baits which is the ultimate timing for the bass to make its move.
(4) When hitting the surface, make another jerk action. If you can create one of those natural splash sounds, that's perfect! You're now completing the natural bait action as if any bait fish dives into the water fearing any of outsider predators.
(5) Repeat your action from step 1.

Straight retrieves
Its minnow shaped body with high float ability, quick roll pitch action imitate as if one of those shallow cranks bringing most high appeals in the water.

DIVING RIPRIZER110 【 2.5m Dive 】
A diving version that covers up to 2.5m range. Depending on the season or situation, it can be used in situations where you want to be able to float it from a little deeper. It is a model that plays an active role. The diving model adopts a downward pose to avoid cover and to achieve a linear action start. The diving model has a pose position with the head down. It is effective not only for ripping, but also for powerful rolling, which is a feature of the Riprizer. It is also effective for just rolling.
Different from cranks. It attracts anglers with the unique wave action of its slender body.

letting some thickness will allow quick dives and birr action so easily by anyone in each pause actions made.

Tail Heaton is designed to support rear weighted position in the ater/actions.

High Floating Rear Fixed Weights

By letting weight balances to its rear position, it has quick floating speed than other similar weighted minnows.Also, by making fixed weight system, unnecessary crack sounds is completely taken out.Not only above, rear fixed weight system allows more vivid and solid wobbling actions in the shape jerk actions as if high pitch crank action with most strong calling power. Fixed weight let long distance casts in accuracy too.

Shad Click Rattles

Shad Clicks, so to say the sounds of minnows, is imitated with necessary small rattle sounds.

Dimple hole is adopted for rip.
Rip will catch the water and makes comfortable feeling when retrieving.