Unused GEKIASAⅡ Foot Magic

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Condition: Unused
Length: 105mm
Weight: 11.5g
Type: Floating

Tournament-spec Gekiasa II Tune-up Model !

The GEKIASA II Alive Roller has been tuned up to competition specifications at the request of tournament pros. The high-pitched, tight rolling action with power and sharpness has been retained, while the "diving depth" and "surfacing rate to catch the fish in between bites" have been redesigned. The diving depth of the Geki Asa II Alive Roller is less than 80 cm, Foot Magic dives up to 1.2m range with a moderate reeling feel. The shimmy-rise effect is achieved when the surface is raised after hitting a pause or an obstacle. Slow-rise to the extent that the fish does not lose its shape. This is a great feature for tournament pressure and rapid changes in water temperature. It gives bass more time to bite in situations where they are hesitant to aggressively chase the lure.
It has the added ability to lure fish to a pin spot slowly and deliberately. And the biggest difference from the original Foot Magic 130 is that in addition to the power of the linear winding minnow, it simultaneously achieves the darting performance with twisting sharpness and static braking power.

How to
It is not only for reeling like cranking, but also as a jerk bait that can respond to various techniques of anglers.
Gekiasa II Foot Magic's greatest feature. The season for which it is best suited is, of course, the spring bait arrival period, but it can also be used for other purposes. This can be used as live shallow cranks in bedrock areas and feeding shallows. It will demonstrate its power in all seasons.

The main weight has an ultra-low center of gravity to stabilize the flight posture. In addition, a tungsten ball placed in the rear provides an overwhelmingly long distance despite the fixed center of gravity.

Even the slightest water flow can be used as a swim action.
The reverse taper body cross-section is used to convert it.

The lip tip is sharpened to release excess water flow and eliminate the flapping action of the lure. The specially designed lip of the Foot Magic is one size larger, increasing the maximum depth to 1.2m.