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Condition: Used
Length: 130mm
Weight: 16g
Type: Floating

The ultimate complete model of the Gekiasa series !

The Gekiasa 130, which began as a mold remodeling of the RIPRISER 130, was first used for fishing from land, and then the Gekiasa II Alive Roller was developed and born from an original mold design from scratch, and now the Gekiasa 130 has been updated to the ultimate perfection. This is the first big minnow that has evolved into a complete body after two years of experience.
After two years of experience, the big minnow "Gekiasa III COMPLETER" has finally matured and evolved into a complete body, and will become the permanent standard for big minnows.

How to
The high pitch tight roll, the most distinctive feature of the Gekiasa II, has been retained in an even more powerful form, as well as its increased size. Likewise, the sharpness of the "shimmy rise action," the special performance of the Gekiasa II's side-edged body shape and its rapid surfacing while rolling violently, has been enhanced to the maximum in the Gekiasa III COMPLETER.
At the same time, it is not only a big minnow rolled, but also a water-pressing jerkbait with a low-moving, fluttering dart action. By installing a sintered tungsten ball magnetic center of gravity shift for the first time, we have achieved a stable flying posture and outstanding long casting performance. We have prevented the noise generated by the moving weight coming off and hitting the inner wall of the body at the time of jerk or twitch. As a result, it does not frighten bass even in high pressure fishing spots.

Equipped with a glass rattle that produces a shad-click sound.

Sintered tungsten ball magnet magnetic center of gravity transfer

The tungsten ball is effortlessly disengaged from the magnet when casting, and when twitching and jerking, it is set up optimally to not come off easily.

Inherited from the Gekiasa II, the half-reef shaped lip generates a balanced tight rolling action with a roll 6 : wobble 4 ratio to attract bass.