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Condition: Used
Length: 58mm
Weight: 7g
Type: Floating

Shad plug with a maximum diving depth of 50cm !
Parallel swimming from shallow to mid-water is the perfect strategy !

A new concept shad plug that fills an unlikely gap. With a maximum diving depth of 50 cm, it is now possible to attack the middle layer of shallow water near the feet, which until now could only be pulled by hitting the bottom hard, with a perfect parallel swimming motion. Bass that have cornered bait in shallow water will try to drive the bait to the surface to prevent it from escaping into the egrets in the soil or the crevices in the rocky bottom. Therefore, bass are always looking up. In a slushy field, if a shad hits the bottom too hard, it often causes the bass to become wary and give up. The shad always swims in the bass's line of sight, and the bass chasing from the bottom are not aware of its presence. This is the original idea of GEKIASA SHAD that no other shad has. The action is a vivid tight roll inspired by Scandinavian style. It has a live action that can make even highly migratory trout bite up. The use of the equipped with tungsten ball and magnetic center of gravity shift system and the unique aero-form effect also gives it the long casting performance to cast straight without stress even in the springtime blast winds.