Used IK 300 RS Chaos Diver

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Condition: Used
Length: 60mm
Weight: 17g
Type: Floating

A versatile crank bait that flies in a straight line, dives rapidly, is high snag free and rolls tightly at high pitch.

The IK300RS Chaos Diver was created after several years of development since the IK-800 in order to completely capture the chaotic 3m range, where various structures, covers and baits are expected to be attached.
The IK300RS Chaos Diver was born after several years of development.
The center-of-gravity shifting mechanism using all the body length and the well-thought aerodynamic design ensure the best-in-class long throwing performance with overwhelming straightness.
The special winding lip has a high snagless effect, while the V-shaped concave lip bites the water violently and generates a high-pitch tight rolling action with a rapid diving posture and a light reeling feeling without fatigue even after reeling all day.
In addition, the front hook eight ring is designed at an angle to maximize the air chamber capacity in the body, which provides the highest level of buoyancy in its class and allows for the default attachment of one size larger hook (#4: same as IK400).

How to
The spread of baitfish that starts from the agitation of water due to turnover and the resulting expansion of bass' range of action is a good opportunity for mid-range crankbaits to show off their capabilities.
The IK300RS Chaos Diver is the new standard for searching for diffused bass in reservoirs with a high probability at the common denominator of 3m.