Used IK Crank IK-200W MOZAIC

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Condition: Used
Length: 75mm
Weight: 24g
Type: Floating

The Best Reaction Drives Middle to Deep Big Bass Crazy !
Mozaic Theory Crank

The Mozaic has inherited the overwhelming flying distance and light pulling feeling of the traditional Imakatsu crank series. The biggest feature of the lure is the wound lip, which was adopted for the first time in mid to deep range cranks.
The action is soft and slippery like a living creature, and the ability to avoid obstacles is improved. On the other hand, the winded lip is prone to air resistance and makes it difficult to cast in a straight line.
Imakatsu overcame the contradiction between the flying distance and the characteristics of the winded lip with a number of prototypes. We have overcome the contradiction between the distance and the characteristics of the winded lip, and have finally completed a winded crankbait with a big lip.
The Mozaic, which is mainly used in the middle to deep range, is designed to keep bass from spooking.
A special soft tungsten rattle is used for the built-in rattle to eliminate the high frequencies that bass are wary of. To reduce the impact noise of the steel balls in the center-of-gravity shifting system, elastomeric impact noise dampeners have been installed in the front and rear.
It has an overwhelming flying distance and a soft life-like action unique to the WINDED LIP.
It is a new standard in the middle to deep range, with no sound quality or vibrations that bass do not like. A new standard.
As proven in magazine interviews, the feature that does not make anglers cautious makes it possible to pull out big bass continuously from one spot in deep water.
Mosaic brings a new strategy for fishing in the middle to deep range.    

How to
It is most effective in the range of 1.5 to 2.5 meters.
The mosaic (pencil) theory effect gives the lure a soft, lifelike action.
This is the main feature of the WINDED LIP CRANK.
The horizontal swimming posture of the Winediped Lip Crank also provides overwhelming obstacle avoidance ability, making it a highly effective cover crank.

Winding Lip

It looks as if something soft is swimming in the water, and the waves generated from its movement are also soft and thick. The way the water clings to the body is the key, or as we say, "hydro camouflage". It creates a mosaic effect of water flow.
In addition, despite its long lip, it maintains a shallow diving depth and has a hook guard effect, which makes it excellent at avoiding cover and weeds.

Four hooks

The Mosaic series comes standard with four hooks on the rear hook. Even when only the rear hook is hooked, which is often the case with cranks, the four hooks reduce the number of single hooks, and even when a single hook is hooked, the left and right hooks prevent the hooks from getting out of control, drastically reducing the number of breakage.

Soft Tungsten Rattle
Produces a strong wave action, but the sound quality is thick and sweet without spooking bass.           

Elastomeric Impact Sound Absorber
An elastomer is attached to the front and rear of the center of gravity shifting system to absorb the shock of the sinker. This eliminates the bass spooking sound that occurs when the sinker collides with the body.