IK Crank IK-250 model markⅡ

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Condition: New
Length: 55mm
Weight: 15g
Type: Floating

Sweet bass sound produced by soft tungsten weight

The new innovative soft tungsten center of gravity movement system is employed, while maintaining the same spontaneous swinging riser motion when surfacing.
This system delivers outstanding castability and outstanding distance even in strong headwinds.
At the same time, the soft tungsten weight eliminates the high-pitched impact sound of the hard chamber moving weight.
The sweet sound and soft bass sound like wood cranks naturally appeals to bass in the distance.
The Imakatsu crankbait series, which has been a standard, has been upgraded to MODEL Mark II. The new second stage has begun.

How to
The IK Crank Mark II realigns the hovering rate to make the rising technique more effective.
By shifting the center of gravity, it makes it possible to create an irregular dart and rise effect when hanging off with a light jerk.
Especially when snatching and hanging off in weeds, you can expect a reaction effect not found in the fixed center of gravity.

Built in soft tungsten center of gravity transfer system

The IK-180 and IK-250 models and Mark II have a built-in center of gravity shift system using soft tungsten weights.
Achieved unprecedentedly overwhelming long casting performance without generating high-pitched metallic sound.