Used IK Crank IK-380 BWK MOZAIC

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Condition: Used
(some crack on the belly. no water penetration inside)
Length: 75mm
Weight: 25g
Type: Floating

Overwhelming distance to cut through the headwind, rapid diving ability, and light reeling feeling.
Everything is exclusive to Lake Biwa.

The "BWK" series is an IK crank exclusively for Lake Biwa.

With its overwhelming flying distance, the longest in its class, its ability to quickly reach the maximum diving range, and its lightness compared to its size, the BWK series takes channel cranking, which used to be hard work, to another level.
Of course, the built-in rattle and center-of-gravity shifting system, which is a feature of the Mosaic series, is equipped with a soft tungsten rattle and center-of-gravity shifting muffling mechanism that does not alarm spooked bass.
This is a special crank for Lake Biwa, released by the absolute king of Lake Biwa, Katsutaka Imae, who once reigned over the lake, and his cutting-edge guide staff.

How to
It has a diving range of 3 to 4m, which is the best setting for deep cranking around the channels of Lake Biwa. The lure is equipped with a winded lip, which is characterized by low drag and a slimy, creature-like action.
It is equipped with a center-of-gravity shifting system that reduces impact noise and soft tungsten rattles as standard equipment, so it can easily spook big bass in deep water and get them to bite with high probability.
Four hooks on the rear are designed to respond immediately to bites like striking with the jaw.

IK-380BWK Winded Lip

It is characterized by its low drag resistance and slimy, lifelike action that makes it look like something soft is swimming. Its high ability to avoid weeds is also advantageous in capturing Lake Biwa.

Four hooks

The Mosaic series comes standard with four hooks on the rear hook. Even when only the rear hook is hooked, which is often the case with cranks, the four hooks reduce the number of single hooks, and even when a single hook is hooked, the left and right hooks prevent the hooks from getting out of control, drastically reducing the number of breakage.

Soft Tungsten Rattle
Produces a strong wave action, but the sound quality is thick and sweet without spooking bass.           

Elastomeric Impact Sound Absorber
An elastomer is attached to the front and rear of the center of gravity shifting system to absorb the shock of the sinker. This eliminates the bass spooking sound that occurs when the sinker collides with the body.