Unused IS WASP 55

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Condition: Unused
Length: 55mm
Weight: 4.5g
Type: Suspend

New Generation Minimal Suspended Shad !

The small body of the Imakatsu IS Wasp has been designed with aero balance in mind, and despite its fixed center of gravity, it ensures unparalleled casting distance and astonishing flight straightness. It boasts the highest castability in its class. While maintaining a high level of sharp darting performance, the lure also produces strong waves that demonstrate its strong fish-attracting power simply by reeling it in.
Even anglers who have had difficulty with suspending shad can easily achieve the highest level of suspending shad performance with a stop-and-go, dead-slow retrieve. In high-pressure fields, where bass are very sensitive to the sound of line sloshing, this natural "just reel it in" method can sometimes be very effective.
The IS Wasp is capable of producing a stronger, higher rotation small and appeasing action over a short distance, even on very dead slow retrieves where the line is slack. The IS Wasp is a new generation standard suspending shad that has been modified from the high-level suspending shad performance cultivated in tournaments so that anyone can use it easily and comfortably.
Of course, the IS Wasp can also be used for twitching, ripping, and other tricky actions at the highest level in its class, and it responds fully to the high skill level of high-level tournament anglers.

How to
Fully compatible with a new shad shadding technique called "spin cranking". The body, which is one size bulkier than the IS Wasp 50, has even greater casting distance and straight-line stability to prevent being swept away even in headwinds and crosswinds. The stronger power wobbling action is also highly appealing.

Center of Gravity Fixed center of gravity is adopted to eliminate sound.

The aerodynamic balance of the body has not been compromised by the curvature of the body line, allowing the lure to softly push through the water and achieve the power wobbling that is the hallmark of the IS Wasp. At the same time, it delivers overwhelmingly long casting performance and and outstanding accuracy.