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Condition: New
Weight: 13g
Type: Suspend

It’s a renewal of legendary drill roll minnow
“KICKER EATER” after an interval of 14 years.
“KIRIKAZE” flies well against the wind.

“KIRIKAZE” long casting minnow

KICKER EATER was a pioneer of cranking minnow that took the world by storm in 1990’s the golden age of fishing tournament.
It has made a lot of bright results, and it became KATSUTAKA IMAE’s winning lure when he returned and won TOP 50 in 2011.
It has been a long seller for 14 years as an irreplaceable lure.
KATSUTAKA IMAE and JUN FUJIKI who are the inventors and feel strongly about the lure remade it as an integral strength for modern tournament in 2013.
They have intensified and evolved KICKER EATER’s DNA for 2 years since IMAE won SAMEURA tournament in 2011.
Sharpened quick drill roll improves the fish attracting effect as a cranking minnow.
IMAKATSU, Inc.’s knowledge of water resistance could make a sharp crosswise long dart action that is a weak point of long bill minnow, and also made a high snag less ability by a kick back motion at the same time.
And also, the strongest point of the original KICKER EATER “Long cast ability in headwind” was improved.
This long cast ability is much better than that of the original, and it is called “KIRIKAZE”.
KIRIKAZE KICKER EATER Ⅱ is the best cranking long-bill minnow which can be a starting lure in Japanese highest level tournament.

How to

KIRIKAZE dives 2.5m and DEEP model dives 4m.
Long bill minnow’s weakest point is a difficulty in casting in headwind.
But you will not feel it when you use this lure, because it has characteristic long and stable cast ability.
You can cast it just parallel to a rock wall in reservoir.
KIRIKAZE works very well as a fast moving lure like crank bait through the year.
But cranking minnow is usually more effective than crank bait in “stop and go” and “bump and pose” motion.
Especially, “fast cranking” is very effective.
Its slim body doesn’t have much water resistance, so it’s better to crank it a little faster than normal deep crank bait.
And it’s good to make a pose when it contact or pass through a structure while cranking.
A length from a tip of the lip to front hook is long, and it doesn’t break the balance so much, so it has snag less ability.

The slim body and wide lip create its characteristic points “long cast and straight running ability”. According to calculated aero-effect, it keeps stability and doesn’t slice.