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Condition: Unused
Length: 105mm
Weight: 1.2oz
Type: Floating

Lake Biwa weed area is overrun
Giant Floating Vibe

The Magnum Vibe, which has been developed to capture the vast weed flats of Lake Biwa, has finally made its market debut as the Magnum Gillsonic.
By setting the huge body (105mm in length and 45mm in height) to a high float position, the Magnum Gill Sonic has achieved perfect range control on weed tops.
Moreover, the lure's 1.2 ounce weight class and well-thought-out aerodynamic form give it excellent straight-line stability and the longest distance to fall without any complaints, even in Lake Biwa.
A magnum size vibration was born that feels great whether you throw it or reel it in.

How to
Shallow eye" for easy waking and long distance horizontal tracing of around 2m.
Equipped with a double-eye system.
Comes with a jaw-rig hanger (Imakatsu original), which is useful for ultra-high speed reeling and deeper range fishing.
Magnum Gillsonic is the lure closest to the shallow-dreams of Lake Biwa, which are less than 2 meters deep.

Double-eye system

■ diving eye-Perfect range control mode for 1.8m to 2m
■ shallow eye-Waking mode that runs from 0cm to 70cm

Quick Change Hanger System (PAT.P)
By adding weights to this, the specific gravity, range and speed can be controlled as desired to meet a wide range of situations.

The minimum number of rattles are inserted so that the body buoyancy is not compromised.

A built-in rattle chamber that reproduces the crackling sound generated by bluegills used in Kominami Gill Pop.
Magnum Gillsonic generates crackling sound in sync with the fluttering action of the left and right sides of the body as it surfaces.