Unused RIPRIZER 130 Foot Magic MFR Medium Fast Riser

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Condition: Unused
Length: 130mm
Weight: 19.5g
Type: Floating

FOOT MAGIC = Magic of Shallow Water

As the name suggests, it is a big minnow based on the action of the RIPRIZER 130 GEKIASA, but with an increased diving ability of 30cm (1FOOT), optimized for attacking shallow water from a boat.
It can be used to approach schools of bass cruising in impregnable shallow areas dotted with undulations and obstacles at depths of 1 to 1.2m without scooping them up with its overwhelming flying distance. The RIPRIZER 130 MFR (Medium Fast Riser) FOOT MAGIC is a shallow cranking big minnow with a high pitch tight roll action that pursues reaction performance to the limit.
The coffin lip, similar to GEKIASA's, avoids obstacles and prevents the lure from being rooted in shallow areas where normal minnows cannot pass. The Foot Magic's special internal structure allows it to maintain a high-pitch tight roll action from slow to fast retrieve, providing a speed and action that even the most cunning bass will not be able to detect.
In addition, the medium floating Foot Magic is set at 30 degrees, which is slightly more parallel to the surface than the 45 degree surface of the GEKIASA. The riser action of the lure as it rises to the surface with a swaying roll creates a "pause" that makes the lure bite even in the middle range.

How to
The basic way to use it is to just roll it around like a shallow crankbait.
It is also effective to stop the lure the moment it hits a rock or obstacle and use a riser action for a few seconds to make it bite. It is possible to attack vast shallow flats at high speed, such as dredging areas, shallow hard bottom areas, rip rap flats, river channels, vanishing wave block areas, field ponds in reduced water, and weed flats. In tough conditions where other lures with long throwing power such as shallow cranks and vibrations have failed to bite, or in high pressure tournament situations, this big minnow can be the last resort to push through with a strong pattern.

FOOT MAGIC has changed the weight material, shape and position from GEKIASA.
The roll action and webbing are reduced compared to GEKIASA in order to increase the diving depth.
To achieve this, the weight has a lower center of gravity and the rear heaton has been changed to an eight-can.
This makes it possible to achieve a stable flying posture when casting, and also enables a high pitch action by reducing the weight of the rear part.

Coffin Lip

FOOT MAGIC has a coffin lip that provides excellent straight-line performance and obstacle avoidance, and is about 10% larger than GEKIASA.
FOOT MAGIC has been developed mainly for use on a boat, where range control is more unstable than on land, so the lip area has been enlarged to make it easier to maintain range and expand the lure's diving range.