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Condition: New
Length: 130mm
Weight: 20g
Type: Floating

Jerkbait for super shallow running and long cast

This is first jerkbait in IMAKATSU which has been developed in cooperation
with bank-fishermen especially for bank-fishing.
The name of GEKIASA means super shallow, and as a name,
it swims in max 2.4 feet only.
GEKIASA has good ability in snagless and rapid floating which imitates a shad swimming away.

How to
GEKIASA imitates a weakened shad by tight-rolling action with flashing and color changing. Basic technic is just straight retrieving.
When GEKIASA hits a bottom or objects, you stop it and make it float rapidly, and repeat it.
GEKIASA works well for very shallow water, rocky areas, bushes,
surface on weeds, creeks, etc.

High floating and fixed weight in rear
Rear heaton specification which is special feature of Riprizer Series.
Fixed weight system is adopted for silence and enabling long cast in more than 43 yards average.
One more special feature of GEKIASA is rapid floating ability in 45 degree with face up. It imitates a shad running away to surface.
The rapid floating invites bass to bite it.

Coffin Lip
Coffin lip good for obstacle avoidance capability is adopted.
It makes rolling action which is similar to cranking minnow.
GEKIASA avoids obstacles without running away left to right.
So, the hooks are not swung and it decrease possibility of snag.