Unused RUNVOLT 80V

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 45mm
Weight: 8g
Type: Floating

Attack the shallow cover !

The IK crank series has been reviewed from the ground up and updated with basic performance that is more in tune with the times and field conditions. With the absolute standard that anyone can continue to use for a long time and unparalleled stable fishing results as the main objective, we have restructured Imakatsu's unique new crankbait series. This is the new Imakatsu RUNVOLT series of crankbaits that run through the water with a numbing vibration like an "electric shock".
RUNVOLT 80V has a maximum diving depth of 0.8 m. To make it even more aggressive in shallow water than 120V, Imakatsu's unique winding lip has a new coffin lip shape that excels in avoiding cover. The new coffin lip shape allows the lure to lick through cover without spinning, even when reeling quickly in complex shallow hard bottom areas such as those with rocks. The soft and powerful wobble-roll action characteristic of the winding lip, with little change in action even with thick line (as with the 120V), and a near-horizontal swimming posture that maximizes the afterimage effect, are also retained. The fixed center of gravity suppresses unnatural rattling sound, while the small 45mm body maintains an excellent aerodynamic balance and the best long casting ability in its class. The oversized hook on the small body allows anglers to safely handle big bass in a fierce fight when fishing in cover.

Coffin shape long winding lip
Biting into the shallow bottom for high-speed straightness and high cover avoidance

Low center of gravity semi-fixed weight
The lure weight is not completely fixed, but rather there is a clearance between the inside of the lure and the weight, which produces a one-knocker sound when the lure is in action. The low center of gravity also improves the lure's ability to recover its balance when it comes in contact with cover, contributing to its ability to avoid cover.