Used SG + BassRoid

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Condition: Used
Length: 170mm
Weight: 3oz
Type: Slow Floating

Bass-shaped real big bait that is ready to bite !

Following basic performance of SG+ Android, this BassRoid is designed for wider and powerful action, and finally ultra super real painting finish ( 3D realism ) is implemented on this bait.
This is bait is adjusted in slow-floating at factory which is useful for anglers. Just leaving this bait just under surface side by structure,
and make action in I-retrieve without motion, S-retrieve with no dumper or jerking action, whatever you want!
By installing sinker with Quick Changer Hunger located at chin,
it is possible to go deeper range, make reaction-sight-fishing or make attacking action at nest in spawning season.

How to
At the clear water with covers and vertical structures, make super-slow-retrieve in I-mode in 3 foot under surface by these structures with looking the bait.
In back water, strong current location or muddy water, you can get wide and strong S-mode retrieve by removing JOINT SHOCK DAMPER (PAT.P) .The S-mode is like a cranking style with high appeal.

*JOINT SHOCK DAMPER is replacable by around 50lb fluoro carbon line.
You can change material and thickness of the damper to get several actions.

By putting sinker at the hunger, you can adjust swimming depth, speed, weight, etc as you want. And you can fish in any situation.

Tail is detachable. We recommend to remove when you put it into tackle box. Insert direction is shown by arrow.

Damper is equipped at the bottom of jointed part.
The damper is detachable by join-pin. And you can change to other pin in hardness. So, you can make any actions in I-swimming or S-swimming.