Used Super DARDO 115 Floating

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Condition: Used
Length: 115mm
Weight: 15.0g
Type: Floating

More farther and deeper !

The same sharpness as a short bill minnow, but in deeper water. The solution to the eternal problem of jerkbaits.
It was once considered the top secret of old American jerkbaits. The slight difference in the length of the lip due to the difference in production time.
The Super DARDO 115 is an upgraded version of the DARDO 100, which does not lose any of its crisp dart and attracts reactions in the exquisite shallow range that the DARDO 100 could not reach.
The exquisite finesse silhouette of the 115mm lure, with its low body height, makes it appealing on big lakes such as Lake Biwa.
It can be used not only in big lakes, but also in high pressure areas.

The short bill but slightly longer lip The slightly longer lip allows the lure to dive deeper into the water and create a sharp dart. and a sharp dart.

Magnetic center of gravity shift System 

By adopting this system, we have succeeded in making the lure fly as far and as straight as can be expected of a minnow-type lure, as well as having outstanding accuracy that is not affected by slight wind.