Super Killer Bill MINNOW

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Condition: New
Length: 9.0cm (Body)
Weight: 8g
Type: Suspend

A small killer building was born !

The "Super Killer Bill" has inherited all the genes of the Killer Bill and has acquired even more sharpness and the ability to handle tough conditions. Specially designed for spinning, not just downsized.
Its sharpness and delicacy will be overwhelmingly effective even in sluggish fields and tournaments. Of course, it is also equipped with a killer tail system (PAT.P) that perfectly catches the bites of small fish pecking at the bottom during the low water temperature period, and the 3-hook system of this size makes it possible to hook up at a high rate even during the spawning period when the fish are jerking.
The effective range for casting is around 1 to 2 meters deep, and the basic method of use is retrieve and kill (pause). Of course, it can also be used for jerking, ripping and twitching. The jointed mechanism and the soft tail make it possible to produce the irregular action of long bill minnows, which used to be difficult to achieve, by simply twitching the lure lightly, making it easy for anyone to produce an amazingly realistic and attractive irregular dart.

How to
The flexibility of the separate body and the unique joint angle makes it possible to produce a fluttering even with a light and rhythmic short twitch. When the water temperature rises, twitching or jerking the lure in the middle depth is effective. This is an essential item for targeting large fish, especially during the pre-spawn period. The Super Killer Bill's maximum depth is around 2m, but if you start twitching the lure without diving too far, it will keep the lure at a depth of around 1m, so it can be used on land as well.
The Super Killer Bill also has a special ability to intentionally float and avoid lures with simple rod manipulation. This makes it possible to lick and attack complicated rocky areas.
After landing on the water, retrieve or work the rod to make the Super Killer Bill dive to the desired depth, and If you feel the lip hitting a rock, stop immediately. Let the lure pause for a while, and then float it with a series of twitches to avoid it. The point is to stop the lure as soon as you feel it hit the rock.
The body of the Super Killer Bill is jointed and the elastomeric tail makes the entire body flex, which makes it easy for the lure to slide and dart from the first twitch. The lure dodges rocks and other obstacles and can be licked and attacked.

Secret Technique
When the lure stays in the water and you lightly apply tension to the line, you can create a dead sticking action in the water.
This is very effective against inactive bass and sluggish lunkers.

Jointed body

In addition to the flashing effect when darting, the jointed body adds the flexibility of a living organism. The jointed body gives the lure a lifelike twisting action that makes the lure slide and dart. When the lure is stopped, the body also twists and the flexibility of the jointed body gives the plastic body a sense of life.

Joint angle

Joint angle calculated to produce super dart action
The crack in the joint creates a clear vibration and sound to attract bass.

Elastomer Tail

Flexible and durable elastomer resin tail. The Power Bill has a wide tail that agitates the water more. When paused, it grabs a large amount of water and wiggles the jointed body to generate spontaneous action.

Catching kiss bites without fail

The KILLER TAIL SYSTEM places a double hook in the tail fin. Even when the lure is upright and stationary during pump retrieves and twitch pauses, the rear hook does not hang down, and the tail is lightly sucked in, giving the lure amazing hooking power even during low activity kiss bites.

How to set up

(1) Open the W-hook to both sides.
(2) Insert the fins into the gap.
(3) Finally, pull the fins to shape them.
* 1 spare tail included.