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Condition: Used
Length: 128mm
Weight: 19.2g
Type: Floating

High appeal and high response !
A full-size jerkbait that inherits the Scud Minnow lineage !

As the name implies, this magnum size jerkbait is 128mm in length, and inherits the outstanding flying distance and high response during action of the Scud series. The secret is the Super Response System, which combines a specially molded weight that maintains a low center of gravity balance with a tungsten center-of-gravity shifting weight. Even in stormy weather and strong winds, the lure will quickly approach the targeted spot and deliver a crisp dart action!
The 3-hook system, which emphasizes hooking, is essential to ensure that the lure will hook the target when it bites. The design incorporates feedback from fields and targets around the world. Since the testing stage, the lure has proven to be a great success against both largemouth bass and large size smallmouth bass.