Unused RERANGE 130SP

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Condition: Unused
Length: 130mm
Weight: 21.5g
Type: Suspend

The three elements of flying, diving, and stopping !

The full-size jerkbait "RANGE" was produced by Takeshi Hayano, the 2018 JB TOP 50 series champion, the pinnacle of the Japanese bass tournament scene. It is equipped with a special center-of-gravity shifting system "TG Zero Friction Slide Structure" that boasts outstanding long casting performance, enabling smooth casting with ML to M power baitcasting tackle. When retrieving the lure, the weight that has been moved forward is held in place, enabling the lure to grab the water and dive firmly, while also realizing a sharp action.
Although it is in the full size class, the action response is light and easy to use with a moderate pull feeling even when twitched or jerked. When twitched, the lure darts left and right in a precise rhythm, and when the action is stopped, the lure writhes at rest to create a "bite" pause.

TG Zero Friction Slide Structure

The moving weight of the TG Zero Friction Slide Structure is not a spherical weight like conventional center-of-gravity shifting systems, but a cylindrical tungsten weight weighing 4g. In addition, the outside of this tungsten weight is covered with a slippery fluorine resin, which allows the heavy cylindrical weight to move smoothly inside the lure body.

The RERANGE 130SP comes standard with Gamakatsu's high-grade treble hook, "Treble RB-M (short shank) #4".