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Used Sol Azula mahi Box

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Condition: Used
Length: 100mm
Weight: 28g
Type: Floating

Small fish drifting on the surface of the water as if they are nestled up to the algae dotted in the water are excellent bait for migratory fish. To face such large predatory fish, the lure can be easily manipulated with #2-3 PE line to create a pencil-like dogwalk with a twitching action and stop-and-go popping action without any interruption of bubbles. The edges on both sides of the back cut through the water to create a crisp action that turns on the bite even in tough conditions. The cup eye is equipped with a large horizontal eye, which is unprecedented for an ABS plastic plug, for improved flexibility. 1.2mm stainless steel wire is used for the one-piece through-and-through system, which boasts outstanding strength to withstand the pull of tunas. Thick resin lanes encasing the structural wire make the main body have a low center of gravity and control its jump from the surface of the water.
Owner hook ST-56 #2 is equipped as standard.