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Used Sol Azula VOLADOR 170F

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Condition: Used
Length: 110mm
Weight: 65g (60~70g)
Type: Floating

The wood plug "VOLADOR" floating type has been tested for use in areas where the waves near the roots rise violently and in areas where the open sea is rough. Our goal was to create an action that appeals even in rough water. Wood is used to cover the difficulty of top water plugs that tend to break the surface of the water in rough water. The eye position, body shape, and weight settings are based on the good water-binding characteristics of this material to create the best balance for a stable action that appeals even in rough water. From a floating position with the tip of the mouth out, the lure dives as if it is going to pierce through the rising waves, and then it creates a rolling dart with a twitch from side to side under the water. After passing through the waves, the lure is paused and floated to appeal to the lure's biting timing.

■ High-strength 1.8 mm stainless steel wire 
■ Urethane reinforced coating
■ Reference Hooks
Owner ST-66 #3/0 class
(total weight when hook ring is attached: approx. 83g recommended)