Used Dive ELBO

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Condition: Used
Length: 78.0mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

DIVE-ELBO is a long bill Versatile Shad equipped with the next generation LBO (Linear Bearing Oscillator) PAT. The LBO and unique lip shape synergize to make the lure fly straight against headwinds, and the unique fluttering action and high stability when it comes into contact with underwater obstacles are also notable skills of the DIVE-ELBO. The frightening "intense high-pitch rolling vibration" that imitates the convulsions of a baitfish is distinctly different from ordinary shad plugs, and it can instantly feed nervous fish that do not respond to the water agitation and rattle sound of conventional crankbaits. The "Ring Vibration" is different from ordinary shad plugs in that it instantly turns nervous fish into feeding mode. The bombing performance of the new-age Magical Shad DIVE-ELBO, which traces a long flat line at a depth of 1.5 to 1.8 meters, will be a threat to big bass in high-pressure lakes.

Equipped with LBO system (PAT.)

Weight Position for CAST
The centrifugal force of casting causes the balancer weight to move backward instantaneously. Stable flight posture and long castability.

Weight Position for ACTION
The built-in 88 ball bearings instantly move the balancer to the active position as soon as the retrieve starts. Realizes unprecedented action response.