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Condition: New

Length: 59mm
Weight: 3/16oz
Type: Slow Sinking

The secret weapon to catch fish !
A 2-way finesse bait with dogwalk and i-stroke action !
KARASHI is a new generation of finesse bait that embodies Japan Finesse. This is a worming bait that will change the way you used to approach fishing with 3 inch size soft baits. The super natural feel of the realistic bite-size bait that makes spooky big fish kiss and bite will completely dominate targets that are visible but do not bite. When twitched, it produces a light dog walk and dart action, and when retrieved slowly, it produces an i-stroke action. The action is reminiscent of a deadly bait and will attract tough monster bass. The extremely natural micro-wave action attracts many bites from clever fish. The combination of "twitch dart" and "slow i-stroke action" produces overwhelming results.

Underwater and surface dog walk and dart action

i-shaped action

Equipped with a tinsel hook

By using a tinsel hook for the rear hook, it increases the appeal and the stability of the straight-line i-stroke action.