Unused ANTHRAX 100

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 105mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

The Anthrax 100 uses a roller gyro balancer system to produce a variety of multiple actions. While the original Anthrax was set up mainly for straight retrieve use, the Anthrax 100 is set up to be more responsive to rod work. When twitched in succession, it dances brilliantly in the water and produces a deadly bait panic action with flashing. With its high float body, it dashes towards the surface and rises up with a thud on the water when retrieved. Stop & Go and short ripping will produce boils. When retrieved with the rod in a standing position, it swims while leaving ripples on the water surface. On a slow retrieve, the ball weight displaced on the roller shaft produces an unconventional super rolling action with a regulated and high-pitched clicking sound. At this time, the movable flap fins on its abdomen tingle from side to side, cutting through the water current and appealing with its own triangular waves. The lure's novelty and natural dynamics make it ideal for catching not only bass, but also a variety of fish eaters such as seabass in mud flats and rivers. Roller Gyro Balancer System. Collapsing movable flap fins mildly agitate the water surface. Realistic bait action never seen before. It floats and catches neutral fish.