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Condition: New
Length: 37.8mm
Weight: 3/16oz
Type: Floating

The Megabass Griffon series has proven to be overwhelmingly successful with its compact size and super impact, and the Baby Griffon has been further scaled down in body size to improve its action response and delicate yet sharp vibration pitch. In addition, it faithfully reproduces the fluttering action that the original Griffon produced by simply reeling it in for free.
It is a small crank that combines the obstacle avoidance ability characteristic of the Griffon series with the high stabilizing characteristics of the Cyclone for shallow bottoms. The compact body size is effective not only for bass, but also for trout in managed fishing grounds. The fact that the original Griffon continues to kill slippery monster-sized trout in managed fishing grounds all over the world. The Baby Griffon is designed with a water dome on the underbody to suppress the buoyancy caused by lift force so that it can be traced at a certain range, which is effective for trout. The water dome on the underbody suppresses the buoyancy caused by the lift force and enhances the stabilizing characteristics. The Baby Griffon is more than just a small crankbait. Use your own techniques to bring out its all-out fishing ability.