Used BIG-M7.5 BIG M Giant Killer Crank

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Condition: Used
Length: 114mm
Weight: 2-1/8oz
Type: Floating

Maximum dive depth of 7.5m model now available !

The Big M7.5 is a super deep crank based on the Big M series concept of a "low center of gravity flat side body". As the name suggests, it is a fearsome crank that reaches the world's deepest range of over 7.5m on a normal retrieve. It is the culmination of Megabass' long years of crankbait engineering. Notably, the heavy drag, which has been the biggest disadvantage of conventional big cranks, has been thoroughly reduced to achieve a stress-free, light and comfortable reeling feeling even after reeling all day long. Megabass's unique hydrodynamic design increases the depth with proper water pressure and eliminates unwanted water pressure to create a rational big deep crank that reaches a depth of 7.5m. The low center of gravity weight packaged in the big flat side body, common to the Big M series, and the sharp rolling action that creates an overwhelming flickering impact around the weight, directly hits the big bass migrating in deep water.
In a world where baits are scarce at depths of just over 7m, few bass will have the patience to ignore this real bait when they encounter it. The body size of the Big M7.5 is sharper and narrower than the Big M4.0 to reduce water resistance. The internal weight, however, is the same diameter as that of the Big M 4.0, with a high specific gravity weight triple center-of-gravity shifting system to achieve overwhelming castability that cuts through the wind. The amazing big crank created by Shinji Sato, the headmaster of the Lake Biwa demon, Yuki Ito, and the new generation development team worked together to create a new page in history.