Unused BIRAN 70

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Condition: Unused (some scratches)
Length: 70mm
Weight: 15g
Type: Sinking

Fiberglass fins change the vibration bait !

A rare salt vibe formulated with the latest Megabass hydrodynamics. The BIRAN 70 has 0.8mm thick reinforced fiberglass fins mounted on the back of its body, pushing the limits of ABS bodies to achieve improved water feel, reduced floatation, and outstanding range-keeping performance. The overwhelmingly sharp action response enhances the sensitivity transmitted to the angler's hand, while the natural tight pitch provides a comfortable and light reeling feel even on light tackle. Hybrid construction of ABS body and fiberglass fins comprises a strong body frame with excellent impact resistance, allowing anglers to use the lure for tight shooting into structure without fear. In addition, the low center of gravity of the weight and the fins' rectifying effect greatly reduce line and hook entanglement problems when landing on the water and during the fall. The BIRAN 70 is a salt vibe that is easy to use and offers the best in actual fishing performance.

Ultra-thin fiberglass fins and body

Thinner and stealthier fin material. The swimming silhouette of the lure has a natural horizontal swim that synchronizes with the swimming posture of bait fish. The back of the body is made as thin as possible from the fins to the back, and the injection molded body provides a better water feel than metal vibes.