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Condition: New
Length: 71mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Sinking

The body of the Megabass DOG-X Jr. COAYU is used and the injection core that molds the internal structure is replaced. This is a complete tuning and modification of volume and structure that only ITO Engineering could make possible. The Slide Sinker, as its name suggests, can also be used as a "top water pencil" by twitching the bait at high speed. If the retrieve is stopped immediately, the lure will "slide and fall." If the retrieve is twitched quickly, the lure will "dogwalk in the water just below the surface. This underwater dogwalk is different from the side-to-side swiveling motion of a pencil bait on the surface of the water, and it makes a speedy quick turn and slide from side to side. It is a three-dimensional escape dart action that quickly hops up to the surface of the water. These are the unique impacts of the slide sinker, which are not found in conventional pencil baits. This is a new concept lure that overturns the concept of small pencil baits, enabling an astonishingly long distance cast, and reproduces the power of the no-sinker soft stick baits that have been used just below the surface of the water as a hard bait with two triple hooks.

Vertical axis strategy with pencil baits

The SLIDESINKER's falling action is a dead slow fall with a sliding action reminiscent of a weakened bait. The design and size of the SLIDESINKER make it look like a real co-ayu. The bite is concentrated when the bait is sinking, falling slowly and swaying when the action stops.

Compact + Appeal Concept

This underwater stickbait produces an "instantaneous" dart action that is impossible with suspended minnows, which are subject to water resistance at the lip. When it flips its head, it dynamically twists itself around and turns its belly upward in a rampant manner.
The action is like that of a panicked bait fish itself. The baitfish's realistic body is displayed to bass from all angles, just like a co-ayu. It also occasionally hops up from the water to the surface and leaning forward to the water's surface.

SLIDESINKER has a wider target range than conventional pencil baits. It is a new concept pencil bait with a wide target range that extends from surfaces to sub-surfaces. After landing on the water, count down fall to the range where bass are. It dogwalks in front of the bass in the same depth, appealing to the bass and attracting bites. Of course, by quickly activating the action immediately after landing on the water, it produces a regular dogwalk action on the surface of the water, just like the Megabass DOG-X series. It is as comfortable to use as a regular topwater pencil bait.