Unused DEEP-SIX Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 80mm
Weight: 7/8oz
Type: Floating


When the DEEP-SIX was completed, the designer, Yuki Ito, muttered, "How many plugs in the world can make up feeding at a depth of 6m OVER? The productive range of the DEEP-SIX can be said to be that of a diving crank. This is made possible by the unique ultra-thin damping lip. The lure has been fine-tuned to receive the water pressure necessary for diving, in pursuit of better drainage of excess water flow. Furthermore, the multi-purpose center of gravity shifting system (PAT.), which is well known in the DEEP-X series, has been further improved. A locking system for the main weight has been added to change the action between diving and cruising. In the ultra-deep range, which used to be the sanctuary of monsters. Once again, Megabass lures will step into the impenetrable zone and dominate the sanctuary.

Even in the same series, no two Megabass lures have the same face makeup. The faces, which are prototyped by hand carving, are three-dimensional and enhance the beauty of the lure's form.

The ultra-thin lip not only increases the lure's diving ability, but also improves the sharpness of its action. When rod action is added, it also produces a sliding action in deep water.

Size comparison with the DEEP-X300, the 5mm increase in size is hardly noticeable, but the action is more appealing.