DEEP-X 201

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Condition: New
Length: 72mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Suspend

Catch slow fish in low water temperatures for sure !

The DEEP-X series of shad-type crankbaits exhibit amazing "flight" and "dive" despite their compact body. The DEEP-X series 200 is the base model of this series, tuned to suspend. To stand out from rivals cranking at the same points... The DEEP-X201 is a must-have item for fishing in high pressure deep water. The 200 has a lively vibrating action, while the 201 has a mild natural action. By drawing out the characteristics of each lure with your own technique, you will be able to develop a more strategic deep-cranking strategy.
The 201 is set to be equally weighted with freshwater, so it is effective when used in combination with stop-and-go fishing.
When a bass bites on an obstacle or the bottom, stop the retrieve to give the bass time to bite, or stop the retrieve after passing through an obstacle. 201, which keeps drifting at a certain level in the water, can effectively bring in inactive lunkers that are not biting to bite.
The multi-purpose center of gravity shift (PAT.) unique to DEEP-X responds to twitching by the rod's pumping action during stop-and-go action. The natural form of DEEP-X and its ultra-realistic coloring create a synergistic effect that will make it easy to reproduce the baitfish that will attack you. The natural form of DEEP-X and the ultra-realistic coloring work in synergy to reproduce the appearance of a bait fish attacking. This is truly a secret technique for "catching baitfish with certainty" that only the 201 can provide.

Hook: ST-31 #4 VIOLET HOOK