DEEP-X 150 Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New (box have damages)
Length: 64mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating


Since its debut, the DEEP-X series has been called the best crank by anglers all over the world, and now the 150 is available.
The DEEP-X series is different from other diving cranks not only because it dives deep, but also because it can retrieve and make bottom contact from the bottom of the maximum depth by deep cranking to the shallow area at a depth of about 1m without losing the luring action. In other words, the strike chance of DEEP-X is not limited to deep water as it enables "full range bottom contact". In addition, the tight supernatural wobble action of DEEP-X150 is just like a real bait. Unlike normal deep cranks that are used with only a monotonous retrieve, the 150 has an acrobatic lateral slide action when it comes into contact with deep structure. The 3D action in deep water boldly stimulates monsters that have not responded to the conventional straight retrieve. This is a multi-contact deep crank that stands out from competitors cranking the same spots.